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CLICK HERE, database & wiki reupload

It got taken down, again. This time because of INITIATE fucking up.!tkcmQSjZ!sCsN77US6o0ppcmzOtcetVjxP4ZlJOF64fGxF6qCvKs


Inb4 Tsuki just plagiarized Rewrite again for the countdown



Final countdown to unlink has started, cool music.
Could have gone with something better though...


Systemshill II

Here's a site that looks up specific terms in both archived and active threads on 4chan. You can use it to look for Tsuki's attempts to promote systemspace, there's about one every two days.
(Make sure to sort by date)
It can also be used to look up some of the original threads that first started systemspace out, most of them in /r9k/ too.

Tsuki on 4chin : Tsuki !G5T2yX0e3k


Snoop is back?

Snoop is back.

Snoop joined Tsuki's rocketchat server and was given an admin role.
Honestly at this point I don't even know what the fuck is going on anymore.
There is certainly the possibility he's not actually Snoop, but that seems far fetched



Unsurprisingly, Systemspace is still being constantly promoted on 4chan.

Here's a site that looks up specific terms in both archived and active threads on 4chan. You can use it to look for Tsuki's attempts to promote systemspace, there's about one every two days. (Make sure to sort by date)

It can also be used to look up some of the original threads that first started systemspace out, most of them in /r9k/ too.

EDIT: There's been a huge decrease in volume of spotted systemspace threads, it's likely this very report made them think twice.


Indefinite struggle

Tsuki has initated his "miracle ribbon" project, which apparently will allow registrations even past the unlink.

Given the recent events that unfolded, it's hard to understand why Tsuki would go through and attempt to increase the time he will be gathering registrants especially when it seems that every day that passes the project seems closer to collapse as more and more people start doubting Tsuki's true intentions.

There's also this from the rewrite wiki


Official discord deleted

A day after Tsuki chat was put up as a replacement, the discord was deleted.

And on another note, some shitposting provided by Fizzle who got himself transgressed. This is a joke none of the names provided are real.



Tsuki has made the Official discord read only, removed all roles, and will be deleting it within no more than a few days. He's moved migrants to his new rocket chat platform "Tsuki Chat", that absolutely requires you to be registered in order to be a part of it.


Snoop Conversation

This video documents the tsuki project's rough timeline it also talks about how Snoop himself witnessed the creation of the EoTs and the EIDs. It's a conversation between Snoop himself (Voice Chat) and some other individuals.



A user who's been kicked due to being part of Apollo's discord recieved a response from Tsuki Rep saying "Leave Hyak chats." when he questioned him on his actions, forcing him to pick sides, which he did not think fondly of.

If Official is so desperate that they need to force people to stay on their server, people will ultimately choose a server without a tyrant administration.


Entry Denied

This is part of the entry form that needs to be filled out in order to access the Tsuki Official discord. It detects if you are a member of Apollo, and does not let you join if you are. Any members that are part of Apollo but filled out the old form get booted and need to fill out the new one, and in order to do so they need to leave Apollo.

I never thought I'd see the day Tsuki would stoop so low to stop people from joining his own discord for being part of another one, even if they do nothing but lurk there.

Their way of identifying is suspected to work like this: They set up an alt on Apollo, they somehow bind it to a bot that takes a look at all the members of the discord, and they send that list back to the form. If you are in that list you can't complete that form until the bot registers you are no longer in it. A usage of a bot like this, if our suspicions are correct, is against the Discord ToS.

For all those that feel they'd rather stay in official, I can totally understand that. But there's still ways to stay in touch with Apollo.

1) You could set up an Alt account, name it whatever you want, and then join Apollo with it. You can lurk or interact all you want as long as you keep it separate from your true identity and avoid visiting or any websites that may scrape your IP

2) Use the website to recieve news even if you can't join the discord

3) Create an account in [matrix] and communicate using the discord - matrix bridge bot we've set up

EDIT : The bot seems to have been disabled


Ever heard of the Streisand effect?

You can call us a hate group all you want, a bunch of pro-hyak idiots, an anti-project group. Do whatever. But you will never change the reality of the situation, all you want is to censor information and downplay the work we've done here.

Every human is curious, and that curiosity is exacerbated by censorship.

Tsuki is migrant 726?

This theory I came up with recently, I'm not sure if Tsuki ever gave information directly that would confirm it.

His reddit post leads me to believe it's possible Tsuki's own migrant number (if he's even got one) is 726.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the picture he would have used in the migrant listing.

At first, some weeks ago when I found this I did not think much of it, however, what he drew is very significant, specifically significant to Rewrite. When the Key initiates the destruction of the world, it turns into a tree.


Archive Disabled

The website has blocked internet archive sites from saving the page or showing it.

For those who don't know, this makes it much harder to look at older versions of the website. As a consequence it's much harder to register changes that occur, or compare suspicious conflicting images such as the change in the burden of truth page. Let's also not forget about Snoop's changes to the website right before it went down.

Too bad I backed up the website multiple times before

If it's been done on purpose, I think the reason is self explanatory.*/


Leaky pipes

You know I must be doing something right if they are going out of their way to unregister me for sharing what they believe is false information, or information that was supposedly in the first place incapable of being leaked at all. Thanks for making Apollo and the leaks more credible!

Funny thing is, we're not even capable of appealing the ban even if we wanted to, all our previous attempts to contact them were refused. Apollo members are being brushed off by Tsuki, silently getting rid of us by claiming we've made no attempts to contact him, he wants to get rid of anybody skeptical or ideologically opposed.



To risk making an assumption here, and a really big one. I have a slight feeling they did not consent to their IP being posted in the Tsuki Official ban page.

Ahiga, owner of INITIATE, did consent to this being posted here though, as he states, "good job calling me a scriptkiddy, yet you got my IP wrong. Way to make a fool of yourself."

"Our disclosure of your information"


"Known-good" migrants now links (in it's community section) to it's locally hosted wiki that's edited by "known-good" migrants. Many articles are taken directly from TOG's own wiki. Could this be an effort to restrict information about leaks or other sensitive topics, or is it a non-malicious backup of TOG's content?

We've seen them link to this wiki as a replacement to what they consider is a "compromised" compendium, which just so happens to include leaks and information about the voidstream and it's true nature.

According to parts of this new wiki, it plans to replace tsuki overground entirely as a source of information.

At the time of posting, known editors are IntrovertedHeart, 1126, Popcorns, and Tsuki himself - HERE

I don't think it's fair to call it a wiki "for migrants by migrants" when editing power is restricted to a few selected individuals


How to generate EoTs

Random Maze 2 DLL - HERE
Paint Net - HERE


(Mostly) Everyone's EIDs

During the Tsuki Underground period, Snoop leaked the list of all EIDs at the time, and a generation algorithm. This explains the change to EIDv2 we've seen in the new site.

EID List Mirror - HERE
Snoop instructions - HERE

(The generation algorithm is only valid past a certain migrant, those before use an older generation method we don't know about which includes letters)


Altered burden of proof page

Eerie right? We went from "Lie a little" to "I try to never lie". Did Tsuki really think he could get away with this edit without anybody noticing?


Tsuki's posts in Reddit

FYI, there's more than just reddit posts. There's plenty of threads on 4chan, some of which are available in and our images section.

Reddit thread - HERE