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Welcome to Apollo.

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For those who are newcomers, we're not the boogeyman and we're not the Hyakanghen Tsuki has told you about. We're nothing more than a group of people interested in compiling information no matter how much you've been told to believe otherwise. You don't have to trust us, all you have to do is look at what we've already accomplished and managed to reveal across our rather short existence.

The purpose of Apollo is to make information that would otherwise be censored about Systemspace public, and to allow the discourse of any topics that would otherwise be prohibited in other more restrictive official platforms related to it. We will continue to exist for as long as the project does, providing an alternate space outside of the established bubble of misinformation the representative is so desperate to keep.

Migrants (or even non-migrants), be them believers or non-believers, no longer have any obligation to subject themselves to rules and regulations that may restrict their interactions within the project's platforms. And for those that don't wish to interact with our community directly (for whatever reason) now have a new source of information that does not put them at risk, our website, which will be updated as soon as possible with the latest happenings related to the project.

We've faced harm coming from Tsuki himself. One of our admins has been doxxed publicly in an attempt to shut us down, his account hijacked and our website's password almost stolen. Public opinion of us within Tsuki's platforms has been shifted to make it seem like we're project's greatest enemy. We've faced multiple close members leaving us.

But even so we prevail through these obstacles that keep being thrown at us continuously, and we will keep doing so.

The truth deserves no hesitation.


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